“A confident and precise taster who articulates her views with openness, clarity and good humour”
“Madeleine was our guest International Judge at the 2011 Royal Adelaide Wine Show (first held in 1845), in my final year as Chairman of Judges. Her contribution was immense and her  impact both immediate and sustained, leading to an invitation to return in 2012.
Madeleine  is a confident and precise taster who articulates her views with openness, clarity and good humour. She’s also an accomplished communicator, educator and ambassador for all that is best  about the world wine industry.” - Brian Walsh, Chairman of Judges, Royal Adelaide Wine Show, Australia

“A remarkable commitment to quality and detail”
“Madeleine’s sophisticated palate and her insightful knowledge of the Swedish consumer and trade has been key in our ability to achieve and maintain 5 mayor permanent listings with Systembolaget over a 5 year period. Also, her remarkable commitment to quality and detail has been an inspiration every time she works with our wines.” - Juan Pelizzatti, Chakana Wines, Mendoza, Argentina.

“Excellent insights and knowledge of Swedish wine consumers”
“Madeleine has had a key influence in improving the style and quality of Periquita for the Swedish market. We enjoyed the teamwork with her and she provided excellent insights and knowledge of the Swedish wine consumers”. - António Soares Franco, Vice-President, José Maria da Fonseca, Portugal

“Madeleine’s valuable input has left a lasting impression on our organisation”
“The way in which Madeleine approaches blending and product development has been a refreshing and welcome change to the way our organisation has given this focus previously. She has been able to add her insight and experience not only to our global wine making team, but also to our local commercial team in a constructive and professional manner, helping the teams to become better at what they do on a daily basis. Madeleine’s valuable input is not just a short term fix, but she has left a lasting impression on our organisation, raising our skill set level in the long term as well.” - Jonas Hillergren, MD Treasury Wine Estates Nordics

“A knowledgeable, perceptive and experienced taster”
“Madeleine is a pleasure to judge with. She is a knowledgeable, perceptive and experienced taster. She’s also a lot of fun to be around: a real team player who enjoys discussing wines with other tasters.” - Tim Atkin MW, UK, Co-chairman of the International Wine Challenge, Chairman of Top 100 South Africa

“One of the finest palate I have ever worked with”
“Madeleine is one of the finest palate I have ever worked with. She is great at making blends which have a sense of place and at the same time can please the consumer”. - Alberto Antonini, Global Winemaking Consultant, Italy

“A highly qualified person and important contributor to quality“
“I have worked with Madeleine in many different professional situations the last 15 years in the Swedish wine business. She is a highly qualified person and has been an important contributor to the quality of all the different projects and positions she was responsible for or held during these years, both with reference to the Swedish retailing monopoly where she was a buyer, and certainly in her present position as MW and professional consultant in the wine business.” - Ann Burgaz, former Purchasing Manager at the Swedish retailing monopoly, owner of The Wineagency and partner in Vingruppen, one of Sweden’s´ biggest importers of quality wines

“The most suitable wine consultant for a winery eager to be successful on the Scandinavian markets”
“Madeleine Stenwreth MW is one of the most competent and charming professionals in the wine world. Her deep wine knowledge, her empathy, leadership abilities and influence make her the most suitable wine consultant for a winery eager to be successful on the Scandinavian markets.” - Ilaria Ippoliti, Export Manager, Società Agricola San Felice S.p.A., Toscana, Italy (Previously Export Manager for Pasqua Vigneti e Cantine S.p.A, Italy and for Marchesi Antinori S.r.l, Italy) 

“Very popular lecturer”
“Madeleine Stenwreth MW is one of the most professional people in the wine business. Not only does she pay attention to detail but she is also easy to work with, flexible and friendly. Being able to communicate her knowledge in an easy and interesting way, has made her a very popular and frequently recurrant lecturer at Örebro University and at the Restaurant Academy/WSET Diploma programme in Stockholm. ” - Åsa W Karlsson, Lecturer & Freelance Wine Writer

“International insights and experience”
“Madeleine is a highly regarded wine judge for many reasons. She brings not only international insights and experience to the judging process, but also the personal attributes of inclusiveness, humour and sensibility. Madeleine’s diligent research and preparation ensures that her opinions are current and relevant to each tasting or event.” Sue Hodder, Winemaker at Wynns Coonawarra Estate and Chair of Judges at The Royal Adelaide Wine Show in Australia. 

“Fantastic understanding of what it takes to deliver that ‘magic’ blend” 
“I have worked with Madeleine on various projects for a number of years and have the greatest of respect for her work ethics and her incredible knowledge on wine.
She has a fantastic understanding of what it takes to deliver that ‘magic’ blend for a specific market. Not only is Madeleine guided by her passion and determination for creating the ultimate wine, but she understands that it is not only good quality wine, but productivity and cost effectiveness which are crucial for future successes in a very tough and competitive world market for wine. By working with Madeleine you soon realize that she will always respect your opinion and will work with you to turn your aspirations and dreams into a success.” - Erica Obermeyer, Cellarmaster Graham Beck Wines, Stellenbosch, South Africa

“An extremely hard-working, knowledgeable and professional woman”
“I have had the pleasure of working with Madeleine over the past decade , in several different roles and companies over the years and our respective private consultancy companies. She is an extremely hard-working, knowledgeable and professional woman – a great problem-solver and always has her customer’s needs and wishes at the forefront of her work. She understands the customer’s style and business in order to deliver the best options available at the time. Madeleine is a lovely warm, personable individual and with this charm she has built up an impressive network of contacts around the world. I truly enjoy working with Madeleine when the opportunity arises.”- Maxime Cavey, Export Director – Sacred Hill Vineyards Ltd, New Zealand

“She helps us better understand wine tasting and winemaking”
Madeleine is a person who clearly loves wine, and that makes a huge difference because it means she is a joy to work with and people feel very comfortable around her. She has a great palate, is very precise on tasting, and gives a very rich and complete description to the wines, which helps us better understand many things about wine tasting and winemaking. She perseveres when pursuing something and won’t stop until we get it right. We have learned a lot from Madeleine, and she’s contributed to developing what Chakana and Gabriel is today. Thank you very much for all of this. - Gabriel Bloise, Winemaker Chakana, Mendoza Argentina